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We’ve Got You Covered! Why Renters Insurance Is So Important
Photo courtesy of Pixabay from Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pixabay from Pexels
Ellen Samples
Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2021

You’ve looked, you’ve leased, and now you are set to move into your new Camden apartment home! Chances are, your Camden leasing team has sent you a checklist of things to complete before the big moving day, and one of those is most definitely obtaining renters insurance.

If you’ve never rented before, or just don’t know why renters insurance is so important, we have got you covered! Keep reading to find out why you should sleep peacefully at night knowing your home and the belongings in it are insured.

Most Camden communities require a minimum liability of $100,000 to cover personal belongings. What exactly does this mean you may ask? If you are at fault for something that occurs in your apartment, whether it’s an injury to someone else or damage to your own personal property, this amount will help cover any claims that may be associated. While $100,000 is the minimum the community requires, be sure to think about it and consider raising the amount if you have people over often, or feel that your assets far exceed this amount.

Another reason to have renter's insurance: maintenance emergencies can happen. Just like living in a house, things can break, such as pipe bursts or hot water heaters leaking. While our 24-hour maintenance team is quick to be there for you and resolve the issue, renters insurance will help cover anything that may get damaged in the wake of it all, up to your policy’s limit. If the team decides it's a better option for you to stay elsewhere while repairs are happening, your policy will often cover hotel stays as well until things are fully repaired. In renters insurance terms, this type of coverage is called “loss of use.”

Pet park

Photo courtesy of Camden Spring Creek apartments

Did you bring a pet (or two, or three) to your new Camden apartment? If so, having renters insurance can really help you out! If your pet is prone to chewing or maybe isn’t fully potty trained yet, leaving your carpet beyond “normal wear and tear” at move out, having the pet coverage on your renter's insurance can save you a few bucks. Rather than paying for replacement on your own, pet coverage helps front this cost, oftentimes up to the full amount. Just be sure to select this extra coverage or let your insurance agent know on the phone that you’d like to add it on.

Perhaps you have some valuables in your space and are nervous about theft. If so, check out the add-ons that you can select when signing up for your policy. Some cover specific things like jewelry, electronics, or any other valuables you may have in your home. This is something important to consider so that the cost is recovered should something ever go missing. 

Beyond that, the items in your vehicle are protected as well! While we always advise against leaving anything in your car just to be safe, if you forget and something goes missing, you can be compensated for those belongings. This does not apply to the car itself, that is what car insurance is for!

All of this is to say that renters insurance is important! There’s a reason for everything we put on our move-in checklist, so hopefully, this covers the “why” of having renters insurance. Keep in mind that renters insurance is customizable, so be sure to ask your provider about different add-ons that apply to you, your pets, or your belongings. While it may raise your monthly costs, it can only help you in the long run! Need a policy that is easy to set up and has so much to offer? Erenterplan is one that Camden works with and will be sure to deliver exactly what you need! 

We'll see you at move-in!

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