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Unpack Like a Pro With These Tips
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Brooke Kinert
Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022

Moving is consistently listed as one of the most stressful events in someone's life. Even if your move is for a positive life change, the process can be overwhelming. When you're in the home stretch, moving into your new apartment, and asking yourself, "what do I do with all these boxes?" - make your move-in life a little easier with these unpacking tips.

Set Up Some Essentials

Only unpack some essentials as you're getting started – you'll need provisions like water and snacks to keep your energy up, plus some basics like toilet paper, hand or dish soap, and hand towels. Don't forget items like a box cutter and large trash bags, which will help keep messy unpacking materials from taking over your apartment.

Organize Your Boxes by Room

Start clearing out that big bunch of boxes in the middle of your living room by moving them into the spaces where those items belong. This eliminates some walking back and forth from room to room.

Here's hoping you took a moment during the packing process to label your boxes, even a little bit of a hint about what's inside a box will make your life easier. Even better, if you made a list of boxes while you were packing, now is the time to check off items as you unpack. This way, you'll know if something is missing or anything was broken along the way. 

Pro Tip: Prioritize unpacking your warm-weather options or vice versa. In other words, only unpack what you'll need in the next few weeks.

Play some music while unpacking

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Take Breaks

Unpacking shouldn't take weeks, but it likely won't be done in just a couple of hours, either. If you need a break, take one!

Pro Tip: Set up the TV last – it's so easy to sit down for just a minute and turn on the tv. Next thing you know, an hour or two have passed and you've made no unpacking progress.

moving in to a new apartment

photo courtesy of cottonbro on Pexels

Make a (Flexible) Plan

Map out how you want your furniture, and put large items on the perimeter of the room. Draw on your floor plan if you have a copy – room dimensions are helpful to know whether your larger furniture items will fit

Remember, the goal isn't to have everything perfect right away. You'll likely move things around and figure out what goes where best after you've settled in for at least a few days. Unpack a few of your favorite items like a throw blanket you love or some framed family photos to immediately make your apartment feel more like home.

Now that you have some unpacking tips, the transition to your new Camden apartment should be a smooth one. If you're just getting ready to move, read about how moving on a weekday can save you money and time!

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