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Storage Solutions to Spruce up Your Space
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Monique Clear
Wednesday, May. 8, 2024

Are you in your minimalism era in 2024? Well, I have some tips for you! Smart storage solutions can make your space feel larger, regardless of square footage or apartment layout, taking your Camden apartment from drab to FAB in minutes!

Reclaim Your Closets

A common place where storage solutions can work wonders is in closets! Being a lover of fashion myself, I have found many creative ways to showcase my favorite pieces without fighting for space each time I put laundry away.

- Thin hangers: Thin hangers minimize the space each item takes up, and you can also choose different options to optimize your space. Wire hangers are some of the thinnest on the market and are easy to find while velvet hangers can help keep your clothes in place.

- Multi-hangers: If you have limited horizontal space in your closet, multi-hangers that can be collapsed further thin out the items taking up space on the closet rod.

- Shoe risers: These trusty items take advantage of vertical space by allowing you to store multiple items without taking up more space horizontally.

White contemporary apartment closet with built-in shelving at Camden Grandview in Charlotte, NC

Photo courtesy of Camden Grandview

Think Outside the Box

Getting creative with storage solutions can help you express yourself while de-cluttering your space!

- Walls: Utilizing the walls doubles your storage opportunities by keeping the floors clear and can even help you showcase some of your favorite things! The opportunities are endless: your favorite hats, coveted jewelry pieces, your trusty bike, etc. This tip can be used throughout the house, including the laundry area or utility closet, by storing your cleaning supplies on hooks or racks while leaving the floor clear for other items.

- Doors: There are so many options to utilize the backs of closet and pantry doors to store common-use items at a glance. Hang a multipocketed rack on the closet door to store shoes or jewelry, while attaching a wire door rack in the pantry can keep your spices and other pantry items within reach.

photo courtesy of pexels
hats on wall

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Multifunctioning furniture pieces further allow you to customize your storage solutions without cramping your style!

- Ottomans: Coming in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, ottomans can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices to store just about anything. Bulky pillows and comforters can be stowed away at a moment’s notice!

- Coffee tables: Options for hidden storage are endless, with many coffee table options that include risers or with a simpler ottoman design.

- Bedframes: Built-in drawers are a great way to utilize empty space to store extra sheets, blankets, and other plush items easily.

Bedroom with walk-in closet at Camden Long Meadow Farms homes for rent in Richmond, TX

Photo courtesy of Camden Long Meadow Farms

Whether you are looking for storage solutions due to downsizing your space or just looking to organize your space in a chic way, these storage tips are a great way to express yourself and take control of your space!

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