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Saving the Environment One Mile at a Time!
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Guest Blogger
Friday, Jan. 29, 2016

What if we could save 350 million barrels of oil a year? We all love the environment, and we all want to make the environment an even better place.  How can we, as individual people, help improve our environment?  Driving…it’s as simple as that! According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, 56% of US Households have access to charging an electric car, and Camden is adding even more opportunities! Camden has added electric car changing stations to multiple communities across the country. Now back to saving those 350 million barrels of oil.  The Union of Concerned Scientists states, that if that 56% used electric cars, we could do just that! And Camden is on board! There are many benefits to owning an electric car. My mom for example drives a Tesla. She says that her top 3 reason she loves her car are:

  • Money saved in gas

  • Silent and smooth ride

  • No hesitation when accelerating

So what’s the craze? Why are people charging their cars? I decided to research and found some amazing positive effects from Here’s what they said:

  • Reduce global warming

  • Improve air quality

  • Encouraging cleaner and renewable energy

Over a dozen Camden communities nationwide have added electric car charging stations. Communities such as Camden Cedar Hills, Camden Boca Raton, and Camden Foothills have all installed these fancy new stations. Now residents who own electric cars have access to charging their cars in their own backyard. The charging areas are placed in parking spaces assigned just for electric cars to make it easy to access. One Camden resident says “So far I am loving the electric charging station. It has taken away any fear of ‘range anxiety’.” Camden employees are saying that these charging stations are easy to access and reliable. The stations are designated spots, which means, you know you will have a spot to charge! The question is, if you had access to a charging station, would you choose an electric car?

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