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Rent Assistance Resources
Photo courtesy of Camden Property Trust
Photo courtesy of Camden Property Trust
By Guest Blogger
Wednesday, May. 27, 2020

While the full impact of COVID-19 on our country is still unknown, it has already significantly disrupted the lives of many, including numerous Camden residents. With stay-at-home orders and lockdowns affecting renters nationwide, many have had to seek rent assistance as a reprieve in the event they're unable to cover their rent payments.

Thankfully, many cities and states are establishing rental assistance programs to support individuals and families impacted by COVID-19. If you have lost income, even temporarily, and need rent relief or cannot pay your rent, there are national and state programs available for renters. 

How to Get Help

  • Several federal, state, and local programs have suspended COVID-19-related evictions for anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

  • Rent forbearance is available through some of the same programs that have suspended evictions.

  • Additional rent assistance is offered by various social service agencies as well as state and local programs. Social Services Search  - Search on the United Way sponsored website,, by zip code, city, or state to find resources for rent assistance, as well as many other essential services.

State-by-State Rental Assistance Programs and News



COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program -


District of Columbia




North Carolina



How Camden is Helping Those Impacted by COVID-19 Income Loss

Camden recognized the need to help residents meet their financial needs at a time when their income was being affected by social distancing measures and COVID-19. The Camden Cares Resident Relief Fund.

We created the Camden Cares Resident Relief Fund to assist residents experiencing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing mandates. All Camden residents at our 164 communities nationwide were eligible to apply for a grant of up to $2000 per household if COVID-19 financially impacted them. Camden fully funded the Camden Cares Resident Relief Fund and gave $10+ million in tax-free financial grants for residents to use toward living expenses like groceries, utilities, or to meet childcare needs.

Camden remains committed to standing with our residents and supporting those impacted by COVID-19. In addition to the CCRRF, Camden communities nationwide are working with residents to establish rent payment schedules that work for their current circumstances.

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