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Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living
Photo Courtesy of Camden Silo Creek
Photo Courtesy of Camden Silo Creek
Jourdan Garcia
Wednesday, May. 11, 2022

Dogs make great companions, especially when you live alone! Whether you need someone to adventure with or snuggle up on the couch, a dog is truly a man’s best friend. If you want to add a furry friend to your family, it is important to provide the dog with what it needs and ensure your home is the perfect fit. Check out some dog breeds that thrive in an apartment setting and would be a great addition to your Camden apartment.


This breed may come as a surprise to most people as greyhounds have a reputation as fast runners. However, greyhounds are super lazy and love snoozing all day! With their low energy levels and adaptability, they are great for someone who has to go to work during the day and leaves their dog home alone. Most Camden apartments come with spacious open concept living rooms to provide the lounging space your greyhound will need!


Bulldogs also love being lazy! These little couch potatoes are perfect for a home with little space since their favorite activity is napping. They also are a very quiet breed and rarely bark which means your neighbors will love your new friend almost as much as you!


Dachshunds, also known as wiener dogs, are the perfect fun-sized addition to any apartment. They enjoy exploring, so include them in your outdoor adventures. The breed has a few different coat types: short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired. A perk of being a resident with Camden is that many of our communities come with a dog washing station to help assist in your dog’s grooming needs, no matter the coat type!


A lab is an overall great breed if you have extra time to provide outdoor exercise and some playtime. They are easy to train and have mild temperaments that make them easy for any dog owner, including first-timers! They get along with anyone and are great, even for families with small children.


I may be biased about this breed because my dog Ziggy is a corgi mix. My Camden apartment would not be the same without him! Corgis are spunky, high energy, and need plenty of playtime. That is why a dog park was a must on my list when looking for a new apartment. Ziggy and I love heading to the Bark Park after work so he can socialize with other dogs and run around freely.

Ziggy at Camden Foothills Bark Park, Photo courtesy of Jourdan

Ziggy at Camden Foothills Bark Park, Photo courtesy of Jourdan Garcia

Choosing a pet is a big step for anyone, especially when you live in an apartment. You want to make sure your pet is comfortable and given the best home possible. Camden makes it easy with pet-friendly living and amenities that every dog will feel at home. No matter the breed you choose, dogs are a great fur-ever friend!

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