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Are you a Camden resident and need to move? Let us help!
By Guest Blogger
Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018

Whether you are looking to move from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom in the same community, or are moving from California to Georgia we have you covered!

With Camden’s commitment to providing Living Excellence, one of the perks of being a Camden resident is being able to take advantage of our transfer options.


Did you know that Camden boasts an expansive list of 165 communities totaling over 58,000 apartment homes across the country? It’s true! We have properties in 9 states including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida (central and south), Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. We offer a variety of locations to fit your needs. You can be in the heart of the city or in a quiet suburban neighborhood. With Camden, you have so many options to choose from!    

Are you wondering how to get started? Contact your current leasing office or visit to start your research on our communities in your desired area.

The transfer process usually consists of just a few steps:

  • Find the perfect new apartment home – no application or administrative fees due for transfers!

  • Give your 30-day written notice on your current apartment

  • Complete an inspection of your current apartment

  • Electronically sign the transfer documents

We love our residents so we try to make it easy for them to stay with Camden long term. If you are a current resident thinking about moving, try us first. Visit our website to find your new apartment home today!    

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