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Four Last Minute Items For Thanksgiving
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Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023

With Thanksgiving approaching and stores already clearing the shelves of “fall” items to bring in Christmas-themed decorations, here are five last-minute pick-ups that will have your apartment Thanksgiving-ready for your guests.

1. Hand soap – The perfect hand soap for all restrooms sets the mood for a crispy fall season. I enjoy honey butter, vanilla or cinnamon this time of year. Impress your guests with your hand soap choices.


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2. Decorations – Welcome your guests to your Camden apartment filled with pumpkins, leaves, and apples on Thanksgiving Day, all of which you can find at your local dollar stores or craft stores. Lights on the wall can make your cozy home ready for dinner.

3. Dishware – Making sure you have enough dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner is a must. With all the different sides you will have, you will want to pick up a few extra dishes to accommodate all the food. Home goods, Target or Walmart are great places to shop for last-minute dishware that will do the job.


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4. Storage containers – after everything is all said and done, you will want to have plenty of containers for all the leftovers you’ll have (let’s be real, we always have so much food leftover). The Container Store is my favorite place to shop for all things containers, and don’t forget to pick up a few extra to send food home with friends and family.

As you are preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget to pick up all your last-minute essentials that will make Thanksgiving night at your Camden apartment a great one.

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