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5 Helpful Ways To Organize Your Camden Apartment Bathroom
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Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019

It's easy to get excited about decorating a Camden apartment. You have your keys, unpacked and now to personalize so that it really is “you”. Where to start? Why not the bathroom? Usually, the first reaction is to decorate the living room or a bedroom, but the bathroom is equally as important and can cost less to decorate. Here are 5 ways to spice up your bathroom.

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Unique artwork.

Believe it or not, your bathroom has more wall space than you pay attention to at first glance. Utilize this space easily by hanging artwork that matches your personality or theme. Feeling creative? Try a string art project! Pick up art at local festivals or on etsy for a more custom approach.

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Add a plant. Succulents and air plants are perfect for apartment homes. Studies show that houseplants can improve concentration, increase productivity, and reduce stress. They can add some color to a room and boost your mood.

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Display fragrance and perfume bottles. The beauty products that are used daily come in beautiful packaging. Showcase them on the counter to add a chic touch on top of your quartz countertops.

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Add shelving.

For additional storage, add floating shelves or even a skinny ladder shelf for towels or additional bath products. Camden bathrooms can sometimes be huge, so definitely take advantage of the extra space.

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Use decorative vases for storing products.

A fancy vase can be picked up at Target and fill it with cotton balls and bath salts. This not only gives you a container to store products but also looks great on the counters as décor.

Now that you have your tips, start shopping and decorate! Once you are finished the bathroom, check out “How to start organizing your Camden Kitchen“ and decorate your kitchen.

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