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4 Decorating Ideas for the Perfect Apartment Patio
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Bobby Sheppard
Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022

One of the best benefits of living in a Camden community is having the option to have a patio or balcony included with your apartment. A patio can be more than just a patio; it can be a relaxing and simple area to vacation away while remaining at home.

Your patio time can be a relaxing morning with coffee in hand, or a lively area to entertain guests. There are many ways to decorate your patio and make it a unique and vibrant extension of your home. Here are four ideas to perfect your patio space today!

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photo courtesy of Bobby Sheppard, blogger

Photo courtesy of Bobby Sheppard

1) Patio Tile Floor

Many different retailers sell outdoor patio tile flooring for a reasonable price. You can find this tile in different colors and shapes. This is an easy way to spruce up your patio and get it to look unique and stylish. Make your patio space feel more like home and “wow” your guests!

2) Simple Yet Stylish Furniture

Picking out furniture for your patio in your new apartment home is one of the best parts about moving into Camden! Hit up your local furniture store or even Facebook Marketplace for some great options. Sometimes the MyCamden activity wall for your community will have other residents selling or giving away great furniture as well! A minimalist style to your patio keeps it looking nice, neat, and welcoming to any guests.

3) Lights

A string of lights wrapped around your railing or attached to the roof can be a simple yet alluring way to personalize your Camden patio. A basic string of white lights or outdoor-use weatherproof lights can be found in many retailers or online.

If you're not into the string of lights idea, think about placing a few small, solar-powered sun jars (sustainability-friendly!) on a small patio table, or in the corners of your patio to add a little ambiance and warm light. Once set up, the difference in your patio can shock you!

*Make sure to review your apartment community rules on lights and hanging items on the patio before purchasing any lights for your patio.

4) Plants

What else can give that finishing touch to your Camden patio other than a couple of plant friends? From flowers to a couple of simple house plants to tomato plants or garden herbs, adding plants to your patio is the way to go! This can also be a new and fun hobby.

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Photo courtesy of Camden South Capitol in Washington DC

Are you looking for even more patio decorating ideas for your new Camden apartment home? Check out this blog on decorating an apartment patio with great Amazon finds or this blog on creating a vibrant patio!

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