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Which Type of Apartment Community Is Right For You?
Photo Courtesy of Camden
Photo Courtesy of Camden
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Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021

When deciding on what type of apartment community to live in, especially for the first time, you may wonder about the differences between garden-style, mid-rise, and high-rise apartment communities. Many prospective renters learn their preferences during the apartment search process and find that each type of community offers advantages.

Camden apartment communities stand tall above the rest, providing a variety of styles, floor plans, and amenity features. From a garden-style community to a mid-rise and above, Camden has something for everyone.

Garden-Style Apartment Communities

A garden-style apartment community can be classified as a low-rise apartment surrounded by ample outdoor spaces and green areas for residential use. Typically, they consist of multiple two-four-story, walk-up structures developed in a garden-like setting.

One would usually find these communities in a suburban-urban or neighborhood just outside of the city center, making them quite popular for families, pet owners, and those looking to live in a great neighborhood without the mortgage to match. That said, many mid and high-rise units maintain pet-designated areas as well, with the added benefit of being enclosed for easy resident accessibility.

Most garden-style communities have walkable grounds with landscaped surroundings, offering a wonderful view from an apartment patio or balcony. Camden's amenity spaces in every type of apartment community are stellar. At a garden-style apartment community, you will find expansive pools with outdoor lounges and large, fully-equipped fitness centers. At a garden-style community, you can also expect ground-level parking near each building, with added parking features like reserved covered parking, and attached and detached garages. In addition, some Camden apartment communities feature EV charging stations, onsite car care areas, and designated motorcycle parking.

Resort style pool

Photo Courtesy of Camden Fallsgrove

Mid-Rise Apartment Communities

A mid-rise style can be classified as having between five-12 stories and elevator access. If a beautiful, scenic view and rooftop pool are what you desire, look no further than a mid-rise apartment community. An essential difference between most mid/high-rise units and garden-style apartments is found present in the parking and security. Garden-style communities are partial to individualized parking lots or detached garage structures. In contrast, most mid/high-rise communities provide a parking garage that allows one to enter directly from the garage into the building, along with a loading dock, making any moving situation much easier. If you're not too keen on getting wet, this is one surefire way to avoid the rain.

Apartments exterior building

Photo Courtesy of Camden Shady Grove

High-Rise Apartment Communities

A high-rise community can be classified as luxury apartments greater than 12 stories tall. Naturally, these communities come equipped with elevators and are typically reinforced buildings made of poured-in-place concrete or heavy steel framing for longevity and safety purposes. Due to this reinforced insulation, these communities are typically quieter than mid-rise complexes.

High-rises tend to possess boutique-like detailed aesthetics and finishes. If you like the finer things, such as a concierge, or proximity to eateries and other cityscape cultural outlets, then a high-rise apartment may be for you.

In short, today, no matter the style of the community, your needs can be met at Camden with plenty of rich amenities and elegant aesthetics. No matter what form of apartment you choose to reside in, there can be beauty, home, and love found in all these structures; and Camden has them all for you.

For a radiant garden-style community, check out Camden Fallsgrove or Camden Washingtonian for all your suburban needs. If you're more interested in a sleek-style residence, Camden Shady Grove is the perfect spot to meet all your mid/high-rise needs. If the high-rise life is calling to you, Whatever your heart desires, Camden is here to provide the ideal apartment home for you.

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