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Best Grocery Delivery Services
Photo courtesy of Lexie Britton via Canva
Photo courtesy of Lexie Britton via Canva
Guest Blogger
Saturday, Mar. 10, 2018

People on average spend over $2,600 a year on eating out. I get it, grocery shopping can be a task for people on the go. The lines are long, the stores are crowded, and you either always forget something or get more than what was on your list. So the easier thing to do is it to just grab something from your favorite fast casual food spot. Sure, you’ll do that Tuesday, but then it happens again Wednesday, and again on Thursday. Before you know it you’re at $2,600 a year. When if you were to grocery shop, it would be half of that.

But don’t worry there are grocery delivery services now that will make the grocery shopping experience easier. Here’s a list of the top grocery delivery services that can be delivered straight to your Apartment door!



Peapod is the grocery delivery service by Giant Food Stores. It requires a $60 minimum with a delivery cost of $10 for next day delivery. Peapod also offers the option for pick up!



We all love Amazon for it’s 2day deliveries, but prime members are also eligible for the fresh add-on for Amazon Fresh deliveries or pick ups! The Amazon Fresh add on cost $14.99 per month, in addition to the cost of the prime membership with a same or next day delivery.



Instacart has the quickest delivery time offering 1 hour delivery with a fee as low as $5.99. Instacart also delivers from a wide range of stores in your area. They definitely live up to the name of being instant!

So there you have it apartment dwellers, a list of grocery delivery services that can make your food shopping experience less daunting and save you from spending too much money on eating out. The great thing about these services is that you can compile your list while standing in your kitchen and it can be delivered straight to your apartment door or concierge. For people on the go, grocery delivery services are a life-saver.

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