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Giving Season: Virtual Volunteering!
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Karissa Melton
Monday, Nov. 23, 2020

It is part of Camden Culture to give back all year, but “giving season” is officially upon us!  Did you know you can safely give back at a distance by participating in various virtual volunteering opportunities?  This year couldn’t be a more important time to support your local AND global community.  Check to see which of these virtual volunteering opportunities are available in your community!

Virtual Translator

Are you fluent in another language?  Consider volunteering to become a virtual translator!  Being a translator can help people in various ways, from education, translating medical texts, crisis response, and more.  A few sites to get started include Translators Without Borders and Volunteer Match.


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Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Contribute to historical data by transcribing and editing data for the Smithsonian!  You can contribute to a wonderful variety of projects. Some roles require special knowledge or skills, but many do not. Visit the Smithsonian website to explore and get involved.


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Volunteer to help a K-12 student learn from home. Becoming a virtual tutor/mentor is an excellent resource for a student and parents!  Learn more about these opportunities by reaching out to your local schools and community forums.


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Visual Assistance

Help low-vision and blind people lead more independent lives.  Be My Eyes is an app that allows you to volunteer by assisting blind/low-vision individuals with everyday tasks through live video calls.  Volunteer duties include checking expiration dates, distinguishing colors, reading instructions, or navigating new surroundings.

See?  Volunteering is officially not canceled!  In-person or far away, there are always opportunities to show you care.  Check out these cherished Camden Care memories of volunteering past: Camden Cares: The Ronald McDonald House of Greater Washington D.C., Mid-Atlantic Camden Cares Veteran Boot Campaign, Camden Cares About United Against Poverty.

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