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Four Tips to Keep Wedding Planning from Taking Over Your Apartment
Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels
Photo by Jasmine Carter from Pexels
Laura  Brink
Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021

The joyous occasion has happened; you’re engaged! Wahoo! If you are like me, you’ve been waiting for this moment. You are READY to start planning that wedding. Right away, the packages start arriving – engagement gifts, fabric samples, save the date drafts, beauty supplies, all the things!!

Then, all of a sudden, the gorgeous quartz countertops of your Camden apartment have disappeared, and your Agreeable Gray walls are looking more like a detective’s corkboard. Don’t worry, fiancé! We’re going to tell you all the best ways to keep your wedding from taking over your Camden apartment home.

1.     Designate a Space

It would be only too easy to allow your wedding planning to cover your entire apartment. The best way I’ve found to control the chaos is to designate one spot for all-things-wedding to go. We call ours the wedding box, and it lives in the top of my closet, out of sight and out of mind unless needed. You can store yours in whatever you have, wherever you want to put it. Designate part of a bookshelf, or one part of your spacious walk-in closet, set up a small file cabinet in your dining area...just take peace in having a space to put away wedding things, and it doesn’t have to dominate your apartment home.

2.     Receive and Replace

One of the biggest examples of your wedding crashing into your home will be your registry. If you are already an independent adult, you likely have your Camden apartment stocked with the dishes, cleaning supplies, and everyday essentials you need to function. Registries are a great way to update the items you already have, but having double of everything will quickly overwhelm you and your apartment home. The best method here will be to receive and replace. Once you get a new item, it’s time to throw away, recycle or donate the old one.

3.     Schedule Wedding-Free Days

I got some of the best advice from an already married friend who suggested “wedding free days.” Pick whatever works for your schedules and plan a day to just relax in your apartment, use the outdoor amenity spaces to get some fresh air, or grill some dinner together poolside. Or, get in a great workout together in the Fitness Center! Just remember, this process is meant to be fun and is all about you and your honey. And your apartment home is intended to be peaceful and comfortable, so keep that wedding stress out of there.

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

4.     Order Only What You Need

The temptation to order every single item that says “Bride” is SO REAL. But you can fight it; I believe in you! While the merch is adorable, and even though Camden provides you with plenty of storage space (hello, walk-in closets!), you’re likely not going to wear/use it anywhere but around your apartment. You also likely won’t want to use any of it after your wedding happens. So, avoid overstuffing your cabinet with mugs that say “Mrs.” in various fonts and only get what you need.

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